Rhode Island Training School (RITS)


Rhode Island Training School

The mission of the Rhode Island Training School, as a mandatory educational program within a juvenile correctional facility, is to educate all students with the skills, knowledge and values to succeed in school, work and community by providing a safe, consistent and secure learning environment which meets the individual, educational, and vocational needs of each resident while challenging all residents to fulfill their potential.

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RITS Education

  • School begins each day from 8:15am-11:45am, lunch is from 11:45am-12:45pm, then school resumes from 12:45pm-2:45pm Monday through Friday. There are 5 Periods of classes each day.
  • On Friday school ends at 11:45am and teachers use this time to collaborate as a team and to create intervention plans for students who may be struggling academically or behaviorally.
  • There are 3 mods where the youth live and go to school. Most mods have at least two classes running at a time.
  • The RITS Alternative Education Program (AEP) provides each student with access to rigorous and relevant curricula aligned with Common Core State Standards and Career/Technical Standards. The AEP is also aligned to all applicable Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) regulations for compliance.
  • Students at The RITS are provided direct instruction by certified teaching staff, have access to online learning platforms, and benefit from supplemental materials and instructional aides to meet academic goals.
  • The RITS follows individual and specific proficiency based graduation requirements for all districts from whom we receive youth in fulfillment of graduation requirements; allowing for a seamless transition for youth when they re-enter their home school districts upon release.
Ducks Walking
"The ducks" - Part of the Barn and Urban Garden Initiative at The RITS

Expanded Learning Opportunities/Community Partnerships

At the RITS we engage many partners in the important work of educating beyond the classroom and as part of innovative, creative and personalized learning opportunities that prepare our youth for the 21st Century!

  • Roger Williams Law School
  • T-Time Productions
  • Foster Forward
  • Atomic Salon
  • Harvest Kitchen
  • Comprehensive Community Action Program (CCAP)
  • Tides Family Services

Senior Leadership Team

  • Larome Myrick, Executive Director

  • Brian Terry, Superintendent

  • Dr. Mary ClairMichaud, Clinical Director

  • Jessica Nash, Associate Director-Probation

  • Dr. Heather Dos Santos, Principal/Special Education Teacher



Alternative Education Program’s Guidance