Family Services Staffing

Rhode Island map

The Division of Family Services (DFS) are divided into 4 geographical regions including Providence, Northern and Northwestern RI, Kent and Washington counties, and East Bay. Each office is headed by a Regional Director who oversees the supervisors, workers, and cases assigned to the regional office. Cases are assigned to these offices primarily but not exclusively based on the family residence at the time of the case opening. Offices are sited as follows:


101 Friendship St.  Providence, RI

Chief of Practice Standards:

Kimberly Burrows

(401) 528-3533

Cities & towns in:  East Bay and Newport County

530 Wood Ave. Bristol, RI

Chief of Practice Standards:

Lori Fernandes

(401) 254-7010

Cities & towns in:  Kent and Washington counties (Warwick to Westerly)

4808 Tower Hill Rd. Wakefield, RI

Chief of Practice Standards:

Teresa Jenkins

(401) 792-5083

Cities & towns in:  Northern & north western Rhode Island including the metropolitan areas of:

Cranston, Johnston, Pawtucket, Woonsocket, Central Falls and surrounding cities and towns

101 Friendship St. Providence, RI

Chief of Practice Standards:

Valerie Angelone

(401) 528-3602