Wayward Disobedient Programs

Wayward/Disobedient Programs (WDP) are available to parents and guardians experiencing problems with their child(ren) at home. Children 12-17 years of age may be legally considered wayward/disobedient if they are exhibiting some of the following behavior:

  • Habitually engaging in serious behavior that would be considered disobedient to lawful commands of his/her parent or guardian
  • Persistently running away from home
  • Not following reasonable family or household rules
  • Routinely missing curfew

Before any legal declaration is made, parent(s) and/guardians should first contact their local police department and inquire about a Wayward/Disobedient Petition. The police will connect families with the local Family Care and Community Partnership (FCCP) in their city/town that provides WDP services. Families are required to engage in services for ninety days (90) designed to assist the family in identifying possible solutions before formally filing with Family Court. These services are provided by the Family Care Community Partnerships (FCCPs) in your area.

If at the end of services problems persist, parent(s) and/or guardians are given guidance in filing a Wayward/Disobedient Petition in Family Court.

Family Care Community Partnerships (FCCPs)

To learn more about and/or to find the service provider in your area visit:

Family Care Community Partnerships (FCCPs)