Support and Response Unit (SRU)

In September 2020, DCYF launched a new Support and Response Unit (SRU) to better connect families and their children to support services. DCYF recognizes that many families struggle sometimes and could benefit from accessing services and supports that were traditionally only available to families with formal DCYF or Rhode Island Family Court involvement.

The SRU provides assistance by identifying each family’s needs and provides the necessary supports to help families thrive. The unit, which is located within DCYF’s Division of Family Services (DFS), helps families navigate services in their own communities. Also, the unit is a resource families who are feeling overwhelmed or who need assistance with accessing home and community-based services for a variety of needs.

SRU staff are able to offer:

  • Assessments for families using established screening and assessment tools;
  • Short-term, home- and community-based services for families and children who need support;
  • Assistance for families when their older youth are exhibiting wayward or disobedient behavior; and
  • Local resources to better support families whose children have behavioral health needs. 

Rhode Island families are encouraged to call the SRU by dialing 1-888-RI-FAMLY (1-888-743-2659).