Youth Diversion Programming

The Department of Children, Youth and Families’ contracts with local community providers to deliver Youth Diversion Programs (YDP) across the state. YDP’s are community-based programs for youth ages 9-17 years old who are not currently involved with DCYF. Programs provide case management services for families to address issues affecting the youth and family’s emotional, physical, psychological and social well-being. Needs assessment, crisis intervention, case planning, family mediation, outreach services, access to community resources and counseling are provided for ninety (90) days with an emphasis on strengthening families.

Referrals for these programs come from truancy courts, Juvenile Hearing Boards, schools, youth centers, police – and families can refer themselves too!

The goals of the program are to assist with school and family issues, provide information on risk taking behaviors and how to avoid them, assist in setting goals the child wants to achieve and connect to family to other resources close to home.

If you are interested in accessing these programs for a child in your family, contact the Family Care Community Partnership (FCCP) in your area. See link below to find the FCCP in your area.

Family Care Community Partnerships (FCCPs)

To learn more about and/or to find the service provider in your area visit:

Family Care Community Partnerships (FCCPs)