The Division of Community Services & Behavioral Health (CSBH)

Community Services & Behavioral Health (CSBH) is responsible for developing a continuum of care for children's behavioral health services that supports children to live in family settings. CSBH encourages services to prevent hospitalization and reviews services to ensure proper matching of services to needs and to improve the quality of and access to services.

Learn more about the responsibilities of the CSBH division here:

RIGL §41-72-5.2 – DCYF: Development of a Continuum of Children's Behavioral Health Programs

CSBH works collaboratively with community providers and other state organizations in developing a comprehensive system of care that ensures effective services are provided to children in the least restrictive environment possible to support child safety, permanency and wellbeing, and overall family functioning.

CSBH assists children and families involved with DCYF to access an array of behavioral health and other services based on assessments and needs of the child.

DCYF also provides services and supports to children, youth and families not involved with the department through the Family Care Community Partnerships (FCCP) and other home-based services. See Family Care Community Partnership program (FCCP) for more information.

CSBH consists of the following units:

Central Referral Unit


Utilization Management

Medicaid QA and Program Standards Unit