Residential Facilities


Residential Facilities & Child Placing Agencies

When a child needs to be placed away from their natural home, in most cases, it is in a child’s best interest to be placed in a family-based setting (such as a foster home). However, some children need a different level of care, provided in residential facilities. DCYF licenses many types of residential facilities, which include, but are not limited to emergency assessment and stabilization centers, group homes, and residential treatment centers.

Child Placing Agencies

A Child Placing Agency is a private or public agency, which receives children for placement into independent living arrangements, supervised apartment living, residential group care facilities, family foster homes, or adoptive homes. These agencies work closely with DCYF to provide services for children.

Licensing Contacts

Lori D'Alessio

Division Administrator Licensing & Resource Families

Phone: (401) 528-3673



Cheryl Lepre

Licensing Chief of Practice Standards

Phone: (401) 524-1747