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Middle School English Language Arts

This course explains elements of various forms of literature, including novels, short stories, poetry, drama, and non-fiction genres, including informational and biographical text. Students learn to apply close reading strategies and to analyze and apply writing techniques for narrative and expository writing.


English I

This course features lessons, projects, reading and writing activities that focus on building foundational literacy skills. English I offers an introduction to literary studies and continued skill development in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and vocabulary building. Students are measured through their mastery of communications using writing, visual presentations, and oral presentation skills. Using various fictional text sets, students will be exposed to and explore elements of fiction, including conflict, characterization, and universal themes. Students will be able to produce persuasive, argumentative, and expository writing samples.


English II

English II introduces students to both traditional and contemporary works from various cultures and backgrounds such area as Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. This course examines the relationship between cultures, literature, and historical events from different cultural perspectives around the globe. Students will gain cultural knowledge and understanding by analyzing the continually evolving relationships between cultures and regions and how these relationships coexist in the modern world.


English III

This course includes reading and analyzing selections of American literature for literary elements, devices, and structure; practicing narratives, exposition, persuasion and argumentative writing through extensive internet research, using various media outlets and formats. Students will continue their practice of mastering oral communication skills through oral, visual, and written work samples.


English IV

Fourth year English incorporates lessons, projects, reading and writing activities that cover grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and communication projects that build upon academic and workplace skills. This course focuses on British literature to further develop reading and writing skills, modes of reasoning, literary devices, forms and styles.


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