Susan Sullivan: Special Education Teacher

Susan Sullivan
Special Education Teacher

The power of Inclusion gives everyone a chance to succeed

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a culture in which all students can reach their maximum potential and experience success in the classroom. We strive to ensure that each student has equal access to learning opportunities that align with their Individual Learning Styles, so that all students can thrive and grow. Our educational model relies on strong collaboration, between all stakeholders, to provide appropriate services, accommodations, and supports within the general classroom. Specific aims are included, but not limited to;

  • Instilling and build self-confidence
  • Applying a strength- based approach to learning
  • Raising the level of self-expectations
  • Identifying learning style preferences
  • Acknowledging and reinforce positive behavior and academic success
  • Incorporating effective learning and study strategies
  • Making learning fun through performance- based activities/assessments
  • Infusing culturally based lessons/units on a consistent basis

Individual Education Plans and 504 Plans are followed, developed, and updated to ensure that each student, with an IEP, has the support that is necessary to reach their current and post-secondary academic and career goals. Our Certified Special Education Teacher/Case Manager is required to provide a full complement of in-house IEP services. For all youth, we write, execute and deliver all services and supports afforded under the IEP for any youth received and served. A representative of the local LEA of residence should be attending IEP Team meetings for youth of their community at all times as part of a meaningful transition planning process and in the best interest of youth. Educational testing and data collection are conducted to assess our students’ needs and progress, so that our talented educators can individualize/customize their educational programming.

Special Education Resource

The Parent Support Network (PSN) is an organization of families supporting families with children, youth, and young adults who experience or are at risk for serious behavioral, emotional, and/or mental health challenges. PSN also provides training for individuals who wish to become certified as Peer Recovery Specialists. 401-467-6855