Practice Guidance

DCYF Regulations

The Secretary of State’s office maintains all regulations filed by state agencies since 2002. To obtain a certified copy of our licensing regulations, please contact the Department of State at (401) 222-2473.

You can also read our Licensing Regulations.

This Guidance Document is written to assist applicants and licensed foster and pre-adoptive parents with an understanding of how the Rhode Island Foster Care and Adoption Regulations for Licensure are implemented. 

Foster Care and Adoption Regulations for Licensure Guidance Document

This Guidance Document outlines Practice Guidance for the Department’s Family Care Community Partnerships (FCCPs) effective as of September 1, 2021 with the Secretary of State's Office.

Family Care Community Partnership (FCCP) Practice Guidance 


DCYF Practice Guidance Memos

DCYF Practice Guidance Memo: FSU Family Engagment Policy
DCYF Practice Guidance Memo: Child Support Enforcement for Children in DCYF Care
DCYF Practice Guidance Memo: Foster, Kinship, and Preadoptive Family Directives
DCYF Practice Guidance Memo: Documentation of Criminal Background Checks - Kinship Care
DCYF Practice Guidance Memo: FSU Case Management Requirements for Foster Care Youth 14 & Older
DCYF Practice Guidance Memo: Drug Exposed Infants
DCYF Practice Guidance Memo: Utilization Management Unit
DCYF Practice Guidance Memo: Legal Status Protocol: Dependency, Neglect, and Abuse Filings
DCYF Practice Guidance Memo: Extended Care for Youth

DCYF Rulemaking Documents

Individuals requesting the promulgation, amendment, or repeal of any regulation should address their concerns in writing to the Office of Practice Standards, Office of the Director.

The request should include:

  1. Specific reference to the policy/procedure section affected;
  2. Specific action requested, i.e. promulgation, amendment, or repeal; and
  3. Rationale for request.

If the request by the petitioning party is denied, the Department responds in writing to the petitioning party within thirty (30) days of the Department's receipt of the request. The reasons for the denial are included in the response.

If the request is accepted, the Department ensures that appropriate changes are made. In accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act (R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-35-4), rule-making proceedings are initiated within thirty (30) days of receipt of the request.

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