DCYF COVID-19 Updates

The Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) strives to provide the most up to date information. However, COVID-19 guidance sometimes changes quickly.

Please reference Rhode Island Department of Health’s Website for the most recent information and guidance.

Please note, this Web page was last updated on 11-10-2021.


Guidance for Masking in RI State Offices

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are required to wear a mask inside all state and healthcare facilities. This applies to both state personnel and visitors.

RIDOH Masking FAQ’s: https://health.ri.gov/publications/frequentlyaskedquestions/Rhode_Island_Masking_FAQ.pdf


Daily Screenings

Fully vaccinated employees who voluntarily show their vaccination card at their offices will receive a sticker for their badge and will no longer be required to complete a daily health screening.

Employees (both vaccinated and unvaccinated) who do not wish to voluntarily disclose their vaccination status must continue to complete a daily health screening using the State’s Self-Screening Portal or complete a verbal screening from a screening captain. If you need to know who screening captain(s) is in your office or division, please contact the Director’s Office at (401) 528-3656.

All vendors and visitors entering a State office must review the screening questions.  After answering, and not showing or identifying any potential symptoms or risk factors, they are then required to sign in the log to acknowledge that they have answered the questions and are not showing any signs or risks of covid.  They are required to wear a mask while inside a State office.

Daily Screening Questions: COVID-19 Employee and Client Screening Tool (PDF)


RIDOH COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Guidance

On December 31, 2021, the RI Department of Health issued new quarantine and isolation guidance. Please see document below.

RIDOH COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Guidance (Updated 12/31/21)


Testing Options

Schedule a free test for yourself or a dependent child at a State-run COVID-19 test site

All Rhode Islanders can schedule a test online at portal.ri.gov or by calling 401-222-8022.

Learn more about COVID-19 testing options in Rhode Island.

  • For DCYF personnel, free Sentinel Testing is available twice monthly at 101 Friendship Street offices for your convenience. Contact the Director’s Office for more information at (401) 528-3656.



Family Time in the Community (PDF)


Parent Consent Form

Below please find the most recent informational letter and vaccination consent form. As noted, the Department encourages anyone who is eligible to receive the vaccine.  If you have any additional questions about the vaccine, please consult your health care provider.


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